1950 Pictures USS McKean
Transfering an ensign from destroyer to the USS Princeton. A wave hit just as he was half way across and pushed the ships together. The lines went slack and dunked the ensign into the water. He came up soaking wet and very mad. We all had a good time laughing about that.

A shot looking out over the bow while steaming at sea.

The same shot while tied up to the tender.

A shot on the fantail looking forward at the aft 5"-38 gun mount.

This shot shows merchant supply ships at anchor in Inchon harbor soon after the Inchon invasion.

A shot of the Princeton while transferring personnel.

Ho-Hum. Another shot of the carrier fantail.

Another pic of destroyers tied up to the tender.I think the tender's name was the U.S.S. Dixie.

Photo courtesy: John D. Price