Minutes of the October 23, 2000 Meeting


Call to Order:  By the Chair Steve Schofield at 8:00p.m. At Kaiser Hospital, Woodland Hills

Attending:   Paul Abraham (WH20),Michael Collins(UCLA), Trisha Commons (SWAM), Clay Evans(SCAQ),Errol Graham (WH20), Michael Heather (SLUG),Pam Heckel (SIMI), Edward Lapporte(CSUN), Mary Hull (SWAM),  Wayne McCauley (ELSM), Steve Schofield (SWAM), Jessica Seaton (WH20), Dan Wegner (SCAQ).

Minutes of the August 30,2000 meeting were approved  as written

Officer  Reports :

Chair Steve Schofield:

A.     Convention Reports :  All the delegates made reports on the meetings they attended except for Bob Merrick, Shannon Sullivan, and Lucy Johnson as they were absent.  Marie Wallace submitted her report in writing.  Some of the convention highlights were as follows : La Jolla Beach in 2002 for the Long Distance Open Water Championship of greater than Three miles and less than six miles.  There will also be two finishes, one for wetsuits and one without wetsuits.  Effective January 1, 2001 there will only be one backstroke start.  The feet must be below the surface of the water.  Short Course Yards Nationals in 2002 will be in Hawaii.  Cleveland was awarded long course meters championship for 2002.  The marketing committee can spend up to $25,000 for a public relations firm to publicize our organization and sport.  USMS spent $4,000 on a portable booth display.  This booth is now available for our local events.    At the Southwest Zone meeting it was voted to create a zone website and have quarterly emails.  It was also voted to have zone meets starting with Belmont (SCM), in 2000, Arizona to have short course yards in 2001, and in 2002 for San Diego Imperial to host a zone meet.  The Rules Committee has compared USMS rules to USA Swimming rules to try and have more conformity between the two organizations.  The idea being that if this can be done it would make officiating at the meets easier for the USA Swimming officials.  Some changes were made and where the rules were very different no changes were made.  Rules Committee also made mention of running meets without timers and suggested that anyone who did so would be in violation of the rules (103.11, 103.12, 103.13 and the new rule 105.3).  The Computer on Line committee voted to go to a dedicated server, even though it meant a higher cost.  The Insurance Committee voted to write in to the current policy travel accident insurance.  The Legal Counselors discussed the privacy policy and how our organization can go forward.         

B. SCY Meet Schedule; El Segundo January 21, 2001(SCY), West Hollywood Relays at Belmont Shores February 10, 2001(SCY), Cal Tech Pentathlon March 11, 2001 (SCY), SCAQ at Loyola March 24,2001(SCY), UCLA April  7, 2001(SCY),Bid was approved for SPMA SCY Regionals at Irvine Nova April 21& 22, 2001, May 17– 20 2001, SCY Nationals in Santa Clara.

Vice Chairman: Wayne McCauley: Wayne submitted his report in writing including the Librarian’s and web reports.  Would anyone like to take over as Librarian?  Wayne is also revising the website as it should have a new look every two years.

 M.S.P.  All meet results should be made available to the web master.

Secretary’s report: no report

Member at Large : no report

Treasurer’s report: absent

Registrar’s report: Registration fee is good from November 2000 to December 31, 2001.  M.S.P.  On the individual registration form a line be added to read after September 1, 2001 thru December 31, 2001 registration is $20.00.  M.S.P.   to change the survey arrow (line) to read optional survey on the individual registration form.  M.S.P. to accept club registration as printed.  Clay also submitted a written report, which is included in these minutes. ( At the convention, the registration and legal committees said that we need to keep records for seven years and in the past it has only been two.)  M.S.P.  E-mail addresses on the individual registration forms will not be sent to the national office.

Top Ten and Records: absent

Newsletter. The deadline for the next newsletter is November 19,2000

Committee reports:

Fitness Chair: Jessica said that she wrote an article for the newsletter and she will have another article for the next issue.

Awards : Trisha Commons  No report

Old Business : Clay has copies of the PSA’s.  Wayne said we should promote meets thru the PSA’s.  Michael Heather mentioned that next year the national elections are coming up.  Anyone who is interested could contact Lynn Hazelwood.

New Business :  None

 Adjournment: at 9:50pm

Next Meeting:  Wednesday December 13,2000 at 7:30pm. In Auditorium A, Kaiser Hospital, 5601 DeSoto Ave, Woodland Hills.  Take the Ventura Freeway to DeSoto exit.  Park in Parking  Bldg.  Use Hospital Entrance 5.  Auditorium A is the first door on the left.


Mary Hull, Secretary