DD 784 * DDR 784


Vol I, No. 4

DATE: August, 1999


FROM: Bob Hancock, Reunion Coordinator

2002 Chuli Nene

Tallahassee, FL 32301-5826

(850) 877-0854


Registrations are trickling in, we’re getting phone calls and new names for our list every day, loose ends are being tied up and things are going full steam ahead for the reunion. Thanks to all who have called or written with input and suggestions--these have been greatly appreciated. There are, however, a few items we need to address:

  1. Registration is $70.00 per person. If a spouse or friend accompanies you, and plans to attend any of the functions, there is a fee for that person also. This covers the banquet, tour of the USS Kidd and all other group functions, to which your guest is certainly invited. Some people have commented that $70.00 is too high, others that it is too low. Since this is the first reunion, we’ll use it as a "barometer" for the next one and adjust accordingly. Any money left over after the reunion will go into a general fund for the next one. Please rest assured that no one is making any money off this deal!
  2. Attendee List – Lots of people are asking for a list of the names we have accumulated, a list of those people attending, a list of names from particular years, etc. We simply do not have the resources to accommodate all these requests. The postage alone for mailing our master list to everyone on it would be prohibitively expensive. We do plan on having the list available in booklet form at the reunion, absolutely free. And an alphabetical list of NAMES ONLY is provided on the other side of this page of people we have had contact with, even though for some all we have is an e-mail address.
  3. Administrative Stuff – we will have a hospitality room at the hotel for meeting and getting acquainted; however, alcohol is not permitted unless we hire a security officer and use the hotel’s bar and bartender. We feel that this would drive the cost per person up even more, and have elected to forego the bar, since there is a bar located within the hotel.


  5. Decisions - someone had to make all these decisions for this reunion, so we did what we thought best. All these items, and any others, will be open for discussion at the reunion as we plan ahead for future reunions. We hope to add more people to the "committee" and make future decisions representative of the group as a whole. In the meantime, please bear with us!

Keep those registrations rolling in. Don’t forget the September 3 deadline.

Names on Master List:

Bobby Alexander

Homer Altenes

Bruce Atteberry

Jeff Bailey

Douglas Baldridge

Angelo Barnabae, Jr.

Ron Bechtel

James Blue

John Boberg

Ed Bogacz

William Bohannon

Gary Bowman

Charles Brashears

Hinton Braswell

Clark Briggs

Jim Bryant

Gordon Bundy

Thomas Bush, Jr.

Joseph Cammarata

Tony Campbell

Dale Carlisle

Dave Carlson

Walt Chappell

E. L. Christofferson

Sam Cogley

Jimmie Coker

Mike Colby

Paul Coleman

Don Colley

Ken Conaway

Ernest Couch

Richard Criswell

Kevin Crow

Hal Cushing

Terry Danner

Perry Davis

Don Deters

Peter Disciascio

Terry Dooling

Louis Egger

John Eletto

Lawrence Evans

Marshal Fisher

Richard Fisher

Robert Fletcher

Gerald Ford

Herve Fortin

Jerry Fowler

Edward Frandsen

John Freeman

W. William Frisk

John Gamber

Anthony Gentile

Kenneth Goodman

Irwin Grau

Robert Green

Donald Haes

Cleon Ham

Bob Hancock

Johnny Hansen

Lawrence Harkenreader

Hugh Hay

Melvin Heaton

Joseph Hebert

Eugene Henrickson

Arnold Hoffman

Billy Holder

Dave Hood

Gary Hoover

Charles Horvath

David Howard

Don Hudnall

Roger Hudy

Larry Ingram

Miles Irwin

Erek Jenstad

Art Jiminez

Norman Johnson

George Johnson

Reggie Johnson

Lee Johnson

Lawrence Kadolph

Albert Kernes

Donald Kessler

Allen Kinder

Bill King

Irvin Klocker

Tom Koch

Harry Krabbe

Dick Krebs

Milt Kuhn

Art Kummer

George Kutsick

Noel Lane III

Gary Langston

Steve Leggett

Bernie Lewis

Gary Lloyd

Stou Lougee

Dennis Louis

Donald Markow

Paul Marshall

Travies Mask

Fred Mason

Robert Mayse

Mack McCarroll

Bob McDonald

Robert McDowall

Don McGregor

William McKenzie

Richard McMichael

Brooks Medford

Jack Melvin

Capt. Andrew Merget,

USN, Ret. CO

John Mess

Bernie Miranda

Jack Moon

Earl Moore

Irvin Moore

Gary Morgan

John Morton

Fred Mortensen

Edward Mulstay

Harvey Murphy

Verner Newman III

Richard Nickels

Gary Nobles

George Oblisk

Cmdr. D. L. Ochs,

USN Ret.

Vincent Papadano

Steve Parkerson

Patrick Patterson

Henri Paulin

Sam Peed

Jim Peiffer

Earl Peterson

Weldon Pickens

Gary Planck

Joe Plunk

D. Clint Prescott

Dana Prouty

Bobby Thomas Rankin

Gerald Reed

Allen Reinhold

Rick Reeder

Bob Ridder

Robert Roberg

Forrest Roberts

Jim Robertson

Rusty Roe

Herbert Rosenthal

Jim Runyan

Arthur Rymer

Ed Sampson

Marvin Saugstad

Steve Schinael

Vernon Schmidt

Wayne Scott

George Seaman

L. Bruce Showalter

Jesse Earl Simpson

Bill Sirls

Wayne Smith

Daniel Snow

James (Moe) Spearman

James St. Pierre

Chuck Stark

Joseph Stein

Carroll Stough

Norman Suter

Jim Swaim

John Thompson

Paul Thompson

Henry (Hank) Timpf

Robert Tokarczyk

Peter Trespas

Donald Tribby

Ernest Tweedy

Thomas Veri

Carl Wagner

Dewey Walker

Carroll Wasson

Thomas Wattle

Capt. J.C. Weatherwax,

USN, Ret.

G. D. Weeks

Charles Welch

Donald Wellsman

David Whitehead

John Wilkerson

Robert Wilkinson

Thomas Williams

Wilton Woodburn

Charles Woodham

L. H. Woods

Leo Wurst