U.S.S. McKean Sea Stories

QM3 John Price

One day while at sea, about four or five QM's were on the bridge and commander weatherwax came into the pilot house and made a rather non-chalont remark that when we got back to the states he was up for a transfer. As a matter of fact he had already recieved his orders and he was being transfered to an L.M.D. Well we all looked at each other wandering what an L.M.D. was. We made a quiet exit out of the pilot house back to the chart desk to look at Janes book of fighting ships. We didn't want to appear stupid in front of the captain. Well we couldn;t find it, so one of us got up the nerve to ask the captain just what exactly is an L.M.D.? He looked at us and in a rather smug tone of voice replied, an L.M.D. is a LARGE MAHOGANY DESK.

And with that retired below. Quartermaster 3rd John D. Price