U.S.S. McKean Sea Stories

June 1978 Rose Festival

It was June 1978, the year that the Trailblazers won the NBA championship. About a week after that a flotilla of U. S. Navy ships went up the Columbia River for the annual Rose Festival. Some of the officers joked that all the sailors were going upstream to spawn. Anyway, the Mckean tied up at the Quay Wall right by an amusement park. All day long there was a parade of boats up and down the river. The boaters would look at the sailors and vice versa. One Saturday there was a well endowed blond that passed by many times over the course of the day. With each pass by the ship (and the effect of the libations she was consuming) her inhibitions were becoming less and less. On the second or third pass she flashed some tit. A few passes after that she was without her shirt. Later in the day she was down to her panties. On the last pass she removed said panties, wrote her phone number on them and threw them to some lucky sailor on the McKean. A bit of nostalgia for the time when the U. S. Navy was not so polically correct. Tom Koch RMC USNR