U.S.S. McKean Sea Stories

1962 WestPac

Here is the info. on the history as found in the Westpac cruise book we made in early 1962. We departed Long Beach on Jan. 6 th. 1962 and returned to the states July 19, 1962. Some McKean cruise facts from the 1962 cruise: WE steamed 50,299 miles were underway 3,193 hours went as far North as 47 degrees North went as far South as 8 degrees North went as far West as 3 degrees East took a 41 degree roll north of Guam were underway 125 days were in port 71 days refueled underway 51 times expended 407 rounds of 5" ammunition expended 305 rounds of 3" ammunitions sent 3,500 messages received 8,050 messages received 10,000 pounds of mail (excluding guard mail)

Gary Bowman QMSN