USS McKean

Design, armament, electronics and engineering:

U.S.S. McKean DD-784
Pre Fram 1950
USS McKean pre Fram in 1950

In mid 1943, Admiral Earnest J. King and BuShips recognized the need to improve the speed, long range endurance and reduce overloading of the new Sumner Class (DD-692) destroyers. After urgent design work, it was found that if the Sumners were lengthened by 14 feet, 160 tons of fuel could be added to increase range for screening convoys across the Atlantic and Pacific. Cruising radius could be raised by 30 percent to 4,500 miles (at 20 kts.) The design change was implemented and DD-784's keel was laid 15 September 1944 at Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle, Wash.

Launched 31 March 1945 Commissioned June 9, 1945 Comdr. William D. Kelly in command.

** 35 years of service **

Stricken September 30, 1980. Given to ally TURKEY November 2,1982. Eventially cannibalized for parts.

Second ship of the fleet to bear the name, she was christened in honor of Commodore William Wister McKean, commander of the Federal Gulf Squadron during the Civil War. Sponsored by Mrs. Thomas G. Peyton.

  • Complement-typical: 274 (14 officers, 260 enlisted)
  • Complement-wartime, pre-FRAM: 345 (20 officers, 325 enlisted)
  • Tons Displacement (pre-FRAM): design-3,160 standard-2,425 full load-3,479
  • Dimensions: 390 ft. 6 in. X 40 ft. 10 in.
  • Mean Draft: 14 ft. 4 in.
  • Fuel capacity: 196,000 gallons
  • Range: 5,800 miles at 15 knots.
  • Four Babcock and Wilcox 615 psi 850 deg.F superheated express type boilers supplying two sets of high pressure, low pressure and cruising turbines generating a total of 60,000 s.h.p. to two shafts each with a 12.5 foot four bladed propeller.
  • Shaft rpm: 350
  • Speed at standard displacement: 34.5 knots. 35.6 in 1970

    Weapons 1945 to 1964:

  • three 5 inch 38 caliber twin gun mounts
  • five 40 millimeter gun mounts
  • ten 21 inch quintupled torpedo tubes
    Fram 1970USS McKean after FRAM

    Weapons after Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization (FRAM - I) in 1964:

  • two 5 inch 38 caliber twin gun mounts guided by a Mk37 director with Mk25 fire control radar linked by a Mk1a electromechanical analog computer stabilized by a Mk6 8,500 rpm gyro.
  • two triple tubes of 12.75 in. Mk 32 torpedoes
  • antisubmarine rocket launcher (ASROC), four double celled boxes housing 8 missles, nuclear depth charge capability.
  • two drone antisubmarine helicopters (DASH) able to deliver two torpedoes up to 30 miles from the ship.

    Radar, Electronics, Sonar after Fram I:

  • SPS 10 surface search radar
  • SPS 29 air search radar
  • SQS 23 long range sonar